Closed Cases

Victory for Workers' Rights: The Liberty Justice Center successfully defended an Ohio school district employee who quit her union—only to be told four months later that the union had begun taking dues from her paycheck again.
Filed February 20, 2024
Tim Tizon, a student at Arizona State University, was handing out pamphlets of the U.S. Constitution to students on a campus plaza when university officials ordered him to stop. When Tizon refused to move to an isolated location away from the main campus plaza, university police arrested him.
Filed January 26, 2023
Victory for Free Speech: Thanks to two doctors who stood up for the First Amendment, California has repealed its physician censorship law.
Filed October 4, 2022
Victory for Educational Freedom: MAIS, representing 125 schools and 45,000 students in Mississippi, successfully urged the Mississippi Supreme Court to allow federal COVID-19 relief funds to reach the independent schools they were meant for.
Filed August 11, 2022
Chancey v. ISBE challenged two Illinois campaign finance laws that illegally placed restrictions on only certain Americans in specific races.
Filed August 3, 2022
In New York, absentee balloting is a privilege and an exception to the normal rule of in-person voting. The state constitution grants the legislature limited authority to allow absentee voting in instances when a voter is away from their residence, ill or disabled.
Filed July 20, 2022
Two Chicago Public School teachers and two parents are suing the Illinois State Board of Elections and state officials to ensure Illinois voters do not face an unconstitutional choice at the ballot box this November.
Filed April 21, 2022
The Liberty Justice Center is challenging the federal Head Start Mandate, arguing that it does not follow the lawful ruling process, exceeds federal agencies' delegated authority, and violates the U.S. Constitution.
Filed February 23, 2022
Residents of Chicago and Cook County have filed a lawsuit to end the City of Chicago and Cook County’s illegal “proof of vaccination” requirements.
Filed February 10, 2022
A group of Michigan school districts filed a lawsuit challenging the mandate in January 2022. Now two of those districts, Livingston Educational Services Agency and Wayne-Westland Community Schools are continuing their legal fight against the Biden administration at the United States Court of Appeals, with free representation from the Liberty Justice Center.  
Filed January 20, 2022
The Head Start vaccine mandate is illegal because it does not follow the lawful ruling process, it exceeds the authority given to HHS by Congress and it violates the U.S. Constitution.
Filed December 22, 2021
Conner v. Biden was filed on behalf of four 3M employees, designated as federal contractors, who face losing their jobs if they don't disclose their vaccination status to their employer.
Filed December 8, 2021
Nolechek’s Meats, a small, family-run business in Wisconsin, is fighting back against the Biden Administration's use of the USDA to implement its partisan public health agenda.
Filed December 2, 2021
The Liberty Justice Center and the Pelican Institute for Public Policy filed suit in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the Biden Administration from imposing an illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandate on nearly 100 million Americans.
Filed November 5, 2021
Steele is fighting his state’s outdated and unconstitutional mandate that his teachers union maintain “exclusive representation” of him in salary negotiations, grievance procedures and other matters — whether or not he is a member.
Filed September 28, 2021