Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare

In Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare, the Liberty Justice Center is representing 30 medical professionals who were forced to choose between their fundamental religious beliefs and their livelihoods.

On October 13, 2021, six nurses represented by the Liberty Justice Center filed a lawsuit against their employer, Riverside Healthcare, for forcing them to obtain COVID-19 vaccines in violation of their religious beliefs.

Riverside fired all of them—except one, who felt she had no choice but to violate her religious belief and receive the vaccine to protect her family’s financial security.

The nurses, along with other medical professionals who joined the suit as plaintiffs, argue that being forced to choose between holding to their religious convictions and keeping their jobs violates Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Jeffrey Schwab

Jeffrey M. Schwab

Jeffrey M. Schwab is a Senior Counsel at the Liberty Justice Center, where he litigates cases to protect the rights to free speech, economic liberty, private property and other Constitutional rights in both federal and state courts across the country.

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November 20, 2021

(—For the past 20 months, Americans have shown a special gratitude for this country’s healthcare workers. Despite knowing very little about this contagious virus, they have put themselves in harm’s way to take care of the sick and protect others. They truly deserve to be hailed as heroes. But today,...

October 19, 2021
Liberty Justice Center's Daniel Suhr joined Varney & Co on Fox Business to discuss a new lawsuit on behalf of six Illinois nurses who were denied religious exemptions in violation of Illinois law....
October 18, 2021
Daniel Suhr, Managing attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, joined The Sean Hannity show to discuss Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare, a new case filed on behalf of six nurses in Illinois whose religious exemptions were denied....
October 16, 2021
Liberty Justice Center's Daniel Suhr and Nurse Practitioner Neelie Panozzo joined Fox @ Night to discuss religious exemptions for healthcare workers....



Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare


October 13, 2021


Circuit Court for the Twenty-First Circuit in Kankakee County, Illinois




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