Workers' Rights

No government worker can be required to pay money to a government union as a condition of working in public service.

Your Voice, Your Dollars

If you work for a public school district, city hall, a state agency, another government body – or any other kind of local, state, or federal government entity – you have the right to decide whether you want to join a union at your workplace. If you decide union membership isn’t for you, then you are not obligated to pay the union at your workplace any kind of dues or fees, and you have the U.S. Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME to back you up on that.

The Liberty Justice Center represented Mark Janus all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to protect his right to spend his money how he wants. The decision to join or financially support a union is an important and deeply personal one for anyone who takes a government job. Before deciding whether union membership is right for you, it is important to know what’s at stake and what rights you have.

Our Cases Fighting For Workers' Rights

Our Fight in the News

The Daily Signal
February 21, 2024

(The Daily Signal)—Suppose you joined a local gym several years ago, but after a while you discovered that you didn’t like some of the gym’s policies. So, you tell the gym that you no longer want to be a member and ask it to stop taking your monthly membership payments....

BNN Breaking News
February 20, 2024

(BNN Breaking News)—Denise Cogar, an Ohio teacher’s assistant, is challenging her school district and union over continued deduction of union dues after leaving the union. This case, mirroring the 2018 Janus v. AFSCME decision, could redefine the boundaries of workers’ rights and union powers. In the heart of Ohio, a...

The Center Square
February 20, 2024

(The Center Square)—An Ohio public school employee sued the Ohio Association of Public School Employees on Tuesday, accusing the union of continuing to take dues from her paycheck after she quit the union. The Liberty Justice Center, a Chicago-based nonprofit that challenges government overreach, educational freedom, free speech and other...

The Daily Signal
February 20, 2024

(The Daily Signal)—FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL—An Ohio teacher’s assistant who helps special needs students is suing her school district and former union because the district withheld union dues from her paycheck even after she left the union and formally asked it to cease taking her money. “Using the coercion...

National Review
April 11, 2023

Jennifer Abruzzo, the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), has been called a “quiet hero” and an “activist championing the rights of workers from the inside” by the mainstream press. But these fawning tributes ignore the pernicious impact of her work. While she may profess pro-worker sympathies,...

The Center Square
March 17, 2023

(The Center Square)—Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, a statewide trade association, is suing the National Labor Relations Board general counsel over allegedly threatening to violate employer free-speech rights. The lawsuit says that Jennifer Abruzzo, NLRB general counsel and prosecutor, would abrogate employer First Amendment rights by using her authority...