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Government Overreach

The government should not stop your business or non-profit from growing simply because it prefers your competitors.

Freedom to Thrive

Every American has the right to earn a living and to pursue the American dream. Unfortunately, too often overzealous government regulations get in the way. The Liberty Justice Center stands up for the entrepreneurs and business owners who are the lifeblood of the American economy. Through our defense of free speech, we free businesses to serve their communities without cumbersome restrictions.

Our Cases Fighting Government Overreach

Our Fight in the News

Albuquerque Journal
September 3, 2023

(The Albuquerque Journal)—Last year, after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked, the Albuquerque City Council rushed to donate $250,000 in taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico’s regional affiliate of the nation’s largest abortion provider. Councilwoman Tammy Fiebelkorn explained that she sponsored...

Bloomberg Law
October 5, 2022
President Joe Biden’s litigation opponents are seizing on his remark that the pandemic is “over” as they challenge policies adopted in response to the public health crisis....
Fox News
September 27, 2022
A federal judge in Louisiana on Wednesday struck down a federal school mask and vaccine mandate....
Just The News
September 22, 2022

The ruling permanently blocks the administration from enforcing the mandate. The following article written by Alan Wooten appeared September 21, 2022 on A federal judge handed down the latest rebuke of the Biden administration by striking down the federal COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates for teachers and students in...