The Liberty Justice Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public-interest litigation center that fights to protect economic liberty, private property rights, free speech and other fundamental rights in Illinois and beyond. First and foremost, the Liberty Justice Center seeks to ensure that the rights to earn a living and to start a business – which are essential to a free and prosperous society – are available not just to a politically-privileged few, but to all. The Liberty Justice Center pursues its goals through strategic, precedent-setting litigation to revitalize constitutional restraints on government power and protections for individual rights.

Our Team

Patrick Hughes Photo

Patrick Hughes


Diana Rickert Photo

Diana Rickert

Vice President

Jeffrey M. Schwab Photo

Jeffrey M. Schwab

Senior Attorney

Brian Kelsey Photo

Brian Kelsey

Senior Attorney

Daniel Suhr Photo

Daniel Suhr

Senior Associate Attorney

James McQuaid Photo

James McQuaid

Staff Attorney

Reilly Stephens Photo

Reilly Stephens

Staff Attorney

Kristen Williamson Photo

Kristen Williamson

Communications and Outreach Director

Laurel Abraham Photo

Laurel Abraham

Director of Development

Mark Janus Photo

Mark Janus

Senior Fellow