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Wall Street Journal
April 12, 2024

(Wall Street Journal)—Texas Republican voters sent a clear Super Tuesday message to opponents of education freedom within their party. Ten incumbents who are against school choice were either defeated or forced into runoffs in their primary elections. The results are a clear example of ballot-box accountability for career politicians who...

April 11, 2024

(Reuters)—Two Jewish legal aid lawyers who represent indigent defendants in New York City filed a lawsuit on Thursday claiming that being forced to pay dues to their union after it accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing and genocide” in Gaza violates their constitutional rights. Their lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, against...

Bloomberg Law
April 11, 2024

(Bloomberg Law)—A pair of Jewish public defenders in New York City sued to stop paying money to their union because it made statements related to the Israeli-Hamas war that they consider antisemitic. The public defenders’ lawsuit filed Thursday argues for a novel extension of the US Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling...

Center Square
April 8, 2024

(Center Square)—Criminal charges have been filed against two Denton Independent School District administrators after the ISD was sued by the Texas Attorney General’s Office in February for allegedly committing “illegal electioneering” using taxpayer money. Denton ISD was the first of seven ISDs sued by the Texas attorney general. On Feb....

Case Updates

August 18, 2023
An Update On Parents for Public Schools v. Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration
August 11, 2023
An Update On Gessing v. Yara
August 4, 2023
An Update On Menders v. Loudoun County School Board