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Free Speech

We work to ensure that advocates are free to express themselves and support issues that matter to them without the fear of reprisal.

A Foundational Right

Every American has the constitutional right to support issues they believe in without fear of harassment or retaliation. But across the United States, politicians are working overtime to silence those who seek to hold them accountable or those who hold points of view different from their own. To scare Americans into staying silent, politicians are enacting laws aimed at publicizing their advocacy, called “disclosure laws.”

By naming and shaming individuals who support different viewpoints, these laws effectively prevent everyday Americans from speaking out to advance causes they believe in. We won’t let these crucial First Amendment rights be trampled on.

Our Cases Fighting For Free Speech

Our Fight in the News

American Family News
November 8, 2023

(American Family News)—In late 2022, California passed a law that said doctors could lose their license for giving patients so-called “misinformation” about COVID, even one time. Shortly after the law was passed, Liberty Justice Center sued to challenge the law in federal court on behalf of California doctors for violating...

The Daily Caller
November 8, 2023

(The Daily Caller)—Imagine that the next Republican administration coerced Twitter into censoring the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, or pressured Facebook into creating an algorithm that suppresses progressive political speech and amplifies conservative speech, by training these social media companies to moderate content based on what the government determined was “misinformation.” You would...

The Center Square
November 1, 2023

(The Center Square)—The Liberty Justice Center urged the Ninth Circuit Court to issue a judgment against a California law, which will be repealed at the beginning of 2024 but still threatens doctors with suspension of their medical licenses for spreading what the state has deemed is COVID-19 information outside of...

The Center Square
October 6, 2023

(The Center Square)—California quietly repealed a law making a doctor spreading state-determined COVID-19 misinformation guilty of unprofessional conduct that could cost a doctor his or her medical license. AB 2098, signed into law in 2022, allows the Medical Board of California to revoke the license of doctors who share any...

The Washington Times
October 3, 2023

(The Washington Times)—California has repealed a misinformation law that restricted the advice doctors could give patients about COVID-19, bowing to mounting legal pressure. The legislation was signed into law in September 2022 and took effect in January. It tried to define COVID disinformation as “unprofessional conduct” and empower the Medical...

American Family News
October 3, 2023

(American Family News)—Under Assembly Bill 2098, a doctor could lose his or her medical license for giving patients so-called “misinformation” about COVID, which the measure defines as anything that goes against the contemporary scientific consensus. In other words, a single instance of a doctor telling a patient a single piece...