Free Speech

We work to ensure that advocates are free to express themselves and support issues that matter to them without the fear of reprisal.

A Foundational Right

Every American has the constitutional right to support issues they believe in without fear of harassment or retaliation. But across the United States, politicians are working overtime to silence those who seek to hold them accountable or those who hold points of view different from their own. To scare Americans into staying silent, politicians are enacting laws aimed at publicizing their advocacy, called “disclosure laws.”

By naming and shaming individuals who support different viewpoints, these laws effectively prevent everyday Americans from speaking out to advance causes they believe in. We won’t let these crucial First Amendment rights be trampled on.

Our Cases Fighting For Free Speech

Our Fight in the News

Winston-Salem Journal
May 12, 2024

(Winston-Salem Journal)—16-year-old former student at Central Davidson High School in Lexington and his parents are suing Davidson County school officials for suspending him for three days in April. School officials took action for what they described as the student making a racially insensitive remark in a classroom, according to the...

The Lion
May 10, 2024

(The Lion)—A 10th-grade student’s family has filed a lawsuit against a North Carolina school district after it suspended him for using the term “illegal alien” in class. The student, 16-year-old Christian McGhee, had raised his hand in class to ask whether the term “alien” being used by the teacher referred...

American Family News
May 10, 2024

(American Family News)—Dean McGee says Liberty Justice Center is suing the Davidson County Board of Education on behalf of 16-year-old Davidson High School student Christian McGhee. “Last month during English class, there was a discussion about the word aliens,” the attorney explains. “Christian raised his hand and asked, ‘Are you...

The Center Square
May 9, 2024

(The Center Square)—Two groups sued a group called Students United, the St. Cloud State University and SCSU’s responsible administrators for allegedly violating college students’ First Amendment rights. On Thursday, the Liberty Justice Center and the Upper Midwest Law Center filed Lackie v. Students United in the U.S. District Court for...

The Daily Caller
May 7, 2024

(The Daily Caller)—The Liberty Justice Center (LJC) filed a lawsuit against the Davidson County Board of Education Tuesday on behalf of 16-year-old Christian McGhee, who was suspended after using the term “illegal aliens” in class. A press statement released by the LJC calls out the North Carolina school board for...

Todd Starnes Show
May 7, 2024

(Todd Starnes Show)—On an interview on the Todd Starnes Show, the Liberty Justice Center’s Educational Freedom Attorney Dean McGee discusses a new lawsuit against a North Carolina school that suspended a student for saying “illegal alien” in class. The Liberty Justice Center is suing the Davidson County Board of Education...