Liberty Justice Center

Current Cases

LJC represents the Chino Valley Unified School District to defend it against California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit, which attempts to block the district’s recently implemented parental notification policy.
Filed August 28, 2023
The Liberty Justice Center and the Upper Midwest Law Center are challenging a controversial new Minnesota law that criminalizes core political speech.
Filed September 11, 2023
Weisenstein v. Raoul challenges a new law that would prevent Illinoisians from challenging state laws, rules, or orders in any state court except the Circuit Courts in Chicago and Springfield.
Filed August 29, 2023
The Liberty Justice Center filed a federal lawsuit challenging South Dakota’s law forcing non-profits to disclose donors on behalf of Students for Life Action, a nonprofit in the state.
Filed June 5, 2023
Everyone has the right to free speech. That includes unions, workers, and business owners.
Filed March 16, 2023
Two doctors are standing up against AB 2098 to protect physicians’ free speech rights and to ensure they can advise their patients without interference.
Filed October 4, 2022
MAIS, representing 125 schools and 45,000 students in Mississippi, is urging a state judge to allow federal COVID-19 relief funds to reach the independent schools they were meant for.
Filed August 11, 2022
A free press is fundamental to our democracy. When government officials choose to block members of the press from witnessing events where decisions that affect the citizens are made, they undermine government transparency and the public trust.
Filed June 13, 2022
Alaskan citizens filed a federal lawsuit to stop the most anti-privacy election laws in the country.
Filed April 7, 2022
A group of Michigan school districts filed a lawsuit challenging the mandate in January 2022. Now two of those districts, Livingston Educational Services Agency and Wayne-Westland Community Schools are continuing their legal fight against the Biden administration at the United States Court of Appeals, with free representation from the Liberty Justice Center.  
Filed January 20, 2022
Paul Gessing, alongside Care Net and Project Defending Life, has filed a lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional use of taxpayer funds to support Planned Parenthood in New Mexico.
Filed January 17, 2022
Conner v. Biden was filed on behalf of four 3M employees, designated as federal contractors, who face losing their jobs if they don't disclose their vaccination status to their employer.
Filed December 8, 2021
Riverside Healthcare’s blanket denial of religious exemptions violates Illinois law.
Filed October 13, 2021
Liberty Justice Center is fighting back against free speech violations and censorship in Hart v. Facebook, a lawsuit filed against Facebook, Twitter, President Joe Biden and the U.S. Surgeon General.
Filed August 31, 2021
Government employees don’t surrender their First Amendment rights when they enter public service
Filed July 22, 2021
Liberty Justice Center is representing 19 year-old Genevieve Mahoney in Mahoney v. Facebook as she fights back against the censorship of her Instagram account.
Filed July 1, 2021
Parents have filed a lawsuit against the Loudoun County School Board for denying their students equal treatment and violating their right to free speech.
Filed June 2, 2021
Regardless of the political correct nature of speech, everyone has the right to speak on issues of political importance, including warning against censorship.
Filed February 25, 2021
School choice programs are an essential element to educational freedom and must be defended.
Filed October 26, 2020
Rio Grande Foundation v. Oliver seeks to protect Americans' constitutional right to support issues they believe in without fear of harassment and retribution for their views.
Filed December 13, 2019
Homeowners have a right to not have their constitutional rights infringed upon.
Filed March 27, 2017