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Educational Freedom

Nobody should stop you from sending your child to the school that’s best suited to your family.

Helping Students Thrive

Parents should be free to choose the education they believe will best meet their children’s needs. With educational freedom, each child has the best opportunity to pursue his or her highest potential to flourish and contribute to the world.  

That is why the Liberty Justice Center’s attorneys defend school choice programs that give parents that freedom—and why the Liberty Justice Center fights for the rights of families that choose innovative non-traditional educational models such as microschooling.  

The Liberty Justice Center also stands up for families with children in government schools, defending students’ right to speak freely and be free from arbitrary discrimination, and parents’ right to know and speak out about what goes on at their children’s schools.

Dean McGee
Meet Dean McGee
The Liberty Justice Center Hires Educational Freedom Attorney to Focus on Protecting Parental and Students’ Rights
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Our Cases Fighting For Educational Freedom

Our Fight in the News

National Review
September 13, 2023

Bipartisanship in California is rare — but mess with children anywhere, and parents will fight back. Six California school districts passed parental notification laws this summer that require schools to notify parents if a child requests a gender transition or experiences gender confusion. More districts will follow. Even though California...

The Federalist
September 12, 2023

California has gone to great lengths in recent months to punish the people and institutions who want to protect children from the dangers of radical gender ideology. Chino Valley Unified School District, the school system responsible for nearly 27,000 students in San Bernardino County, is just one of the institutions facing a state-led attack because...

The Center Square
September 12, 2023

(The Center Square) – In a case that could determine the future of parental notification policies for gender changes across California, the Chino Valley School District will be facing off against the California Department of Justice during an October 13 hearing for a full preliminary injunction against the school district’s...

Courthouse News
December 9, 2022
Students often join school clubs or organizations hoping to bolster their resumes for college admissions offices. But three Virginia parents claim their children face exclusion from a school system’s student equity ambassador program based on their beliefs and race....