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Latest in Case Defending Student Suspended for Saying “Illegal Alien”

June 12, 2024

(Lou Dobbs Tonight)—The Liberty Justice Center’s Educational Freedom Attorney Dean McGee discusses the latest developments in a federal lawsuit defending Christian McGhee, a North Carolina student who was suspended for asking a question containing the phrase “illegal alien.”

The Liberty Justice Center recently filed a preliminary injunction urging the court to remove the wrongful suspension from Christian’s record. The preliminary injunction also released new information about the case, including excerpts of a recording of a school administrator’s meeting with the McGhees—where the administrator equated the phrase “illegal alien” to “the n-word,” told Leah McGhee that it would have been “more respectful” for Christian to say “those people that need a green card,” and faulted Christian’s teacher for “being so young and female.” Consistent with court rules, minors’ names have been censored in the excerpts, which are available to the press and the public here.

More information about the case is available here.