Liberty Justice Center's School Choice Cases: Helping Students Thrive

School Choice

School choice

Nobody should stop you from sending your child to the school that’s best suited to your family.

The Issue at a Glance: Helping students thrive

Every child deserves a high-quality education, no matter how much money their parents make. School choice programs open the doors of opportunity for children to experience the transformative power of learning right here, right now.

Our Victories

A Montana provision barred students using state-supported scholarships from enrolling in religious schools. Our amicus brief for this case was mentioned as key to the U.S. Supreme Court successfully striking down this provision in June 2020.

In February 2021, Chicago Teachers Union agreed to resume in-person instruction in the city’s public schools, citing our threat on behalf of parents that the union would face legal repercussions should they refuse to resume. We had similar successes in Idaho.

What’s Next?

The Espinoza ruling has not opened up school choice for everyone. In Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina, politicians and union-like organizations seek to prevent or halt scholarship programs for children from low-income families.

Attorneys from the Liberty Justice Center are representing school leaders and families to protect these critical programs.

Helping you do what’s best for your children

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‘Illegal strikes… must be stopped’: Parents to continue lawsuit vs CTU – Cook County Record

A group of parents of CPS students are not yet dropping their lawsuit accusing the CTU of engaging in an illegal strike that harmed their children and more than 340,000 other students enrolled in Chicago’s 636 public schools.


Jeffrey Schwab and Parent Laurel Golden on CNN to Discuss Chicago Teachers Strike

Jeffrey Schwab and Chicago Public Schools parent Laurel Golden joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss the lawsuit to end the illegal Chicago Teachers Union strike.


Neil Cavuto: Chicago mom on illegal CTU strike and why kids need to be in school

Laurel Golden, mother to three Chicago Public School students, spoke with Neil Cavuto about her lawsuit against Chicago Teachers Union with the Liberty Justice Center.


Fox News: Jeffrey Schwab discusses Chicago Teachers Union illegal strike

Jeffrey Schwab joined FOX News to discuss why the Chicago Teachers Union strike is illegal and why a group of Chicago parents are forced to sue the union to return to in-person learning. 


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