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Nobody should stop you from sending your child to the school that’s best suited to your family.

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Every child deserves a high-quality education, no matter how much money their parents make. School choice programs open the doors of opportunity for children to experience the transformative power of learning right here, right now. The Liberty Justice Center represents parents and reform advocates in legal cases that expand educational freedom. We work to ensure every child has access to a great education and can attend a school that is the right fit for them and regularly represent families across the country who face obstacles to exercising educational choice.

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Liberty Justice Center has helped students in Arizona access scholarships and is defending a new program in Tennessee. The Center is supporting a case in the Supreme Court to ensure that parents are the decision makers when it comes to their children’s education.

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Familiar arguments as Tennessee judges hear appeal over block to Lee’s school voucher program in ongoing case

“The plaintiffs are trying to have their cake and eat it, too, because on one hand they argue about how the how the Home Rule amendment affects the counties, and then on the other hand the argument about how it affects the school districts,” Kelsey said. “Respectfully, Your Honor, it’s not an injury because, again, that is a policy decision that is within the realm of the legislature to make.”


Fight over SAFE Grants heads to the South Carolina Supreme Court

Today’s action escalates the legal battle from the state trial court to the South Carolina Supreme Court. Palmetto Promise Institute and the Liberty Justice Center continue to fight to protect SAFE Grants and plan to consent to bringing the case before the High Court.


Hearing held regarding funds set to be allocated from emergency fund for private school tuition

On July 20, McMaster announced he would be using $32 million received in Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds to provide one-time scholarships for students to attend private schools during the 2020-21 school year.


Palmetto Promise Institute fights to restore SAFE Grants for South Carolina students

Palmetto Promise Institute asked an Orangeburg, S.C. judge to allow the governor’s new Safe Access to Flexible Education (SAFE) Grants program to move forward. If the judge sides with Palmetto Promise, thousands of students from moderate and low-income families will have the opportunity to attend a school of their choice this fall.


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