Demand Letter to Denton County District Attorney on Illegal Election Interference

On February 27, the Liberty Justice Center sent a demand letter on behalf of registered voters in Denton County, Texas, requesting an investigation into criminal election interference by school officials who illegally used public resources to pressure employees into voting for favored candidates.

In February, school administrators from the Denton County Independent School District used their school email addresses to pressure staff to vote in the Republican primary—regardless of their political affiliation—to ensure favored candidates would win the elections. The emails specifically targeted candidates who support the expansion of school choice initiatives in Texas, linking to a political advertisement featuring a color-coded guide on which “friendly” candidates to vote for and which “unfriendly” candidates to vote against. Employees were told that they would not receive raises if the “wrong candidates” won.

The Liberty Justice Center’s demand letter argues that the emails constitute illegal electioneering prohibited under the Texas Election Code. It also encloses affidavits from voters throughout Denton County alleging criminal conduct—enough to trigger a mandatory investigation by the Denton County District Attorney.

“Denton County school officials illegally used public resources to further a politically motivated electioneering scheme,” said Educational Freedom Attorney Dean McGee. “In an attempt to sway the election, they abused their positions to pressure employees into voting against candidates who support school choice. This is a blatant violation of state law, and we are proud to join registered voters throughout Denton County in demanding that the District Attorney promptly investigate this matter.”

The demand letter triggered an investigation to hold these school administrators accountable for using public resources to advance a personal political goal.

On April 2, Director of Special Programs Lindsay Lujan and Principal Jesus Lujan were indicted for using their school email addresses to distribute political advertising. A copy of the indictment for Lindsay Lujan is available here, and a copy of the indictment for Jesus Lujan is available here.

“We are proud to help Texans exercise their right under the Texas Election Code to hold government officials accountable for using taxpayer resources to sway elections. The DA’s actions are a win for all of the Denton voters who came forward to ensure that corruption was not swept under the rug,” said Dean McGee.

A copy of the letter filed by the Liberty Justice Center is available here.

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Denton County District Attorney Paul Johnson



February 27, 2024



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