Southeast Texas Record

Liberty Justice Center Sends Letter Demanding Harris County DA Investigate Alleged Electioneering Scheme

April 1, 2024

(Southeast Texas Record)—After the Liberty Justice Center sent a letter demanding that the Denton County district attorney investigate illegal election interference by school officials, registered voters in Harris County contacted LJC with a similar story of corruption in their own school district, a press release states.

On March 28, the Liberty Justice Center  submitted a demand letter on their behalf, petitioning the Harris County district attorney to investigate illegal electioneering by the superintendent of the Huffman Independent School District.

In March, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a petition alleging that the superintendent of the Huffman ISD, Benny Soileau, held an all-staff meeting on school grounds where he directed employees to support candidates who oppose the expansion of school choice initiatives in Texas.

The affidavits submitted by the Liberty Justice Center also highlight a similar event in August 2023, when the superintendent used school resources to urge employees to vote in favor of a bond initiative, offering raises if the election results were favorable.

The Liberty Justice Center’s demand letter to the Harris County district attorney argues that these uses of public resources for political advertising constitute illegal electioneering, which is a misdemeanor under the Texas Election Code. The affidavits enclosed with the letter require the DA to initiate a criminal investigation.

“Officials at the Huffman Independent School District illegally used school resources to pressure their employees to oppose school choice candidates,” said Dean McGee, educational freedom attorney at the Liberty Justice Center. “They violated state law—and voters’ trust—by abusing their positions of authority. We are proud to stand with Harris County voters demanding a criminal investigation by the district attorney.”

If the DA does not launch an investigation within two weeks of receiving the letter, the Liberty Justice Center will pursue further legal action through a writ of mandamus, compelling the DA’s office to carry out its duty to the people of Harris County.