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Free Speech

Free speech

We work to ensure that advocates are free to express themselves and support issues that matter to them without the fear of reprisal. We’ve also got the backs of journalists who face pushback from the government as a result of their work to hold politicians accountable and to increase government transparency.

The Issue at a glance: A right to privacy and speech

Every American has the constitutional right to support issues they believe in without fear of harassment or retaliation. But across the United States, politicians are working overtime to silence those who seek to hold them accountable or those who hold points of view different from their own. To scare Americans into staying silent, politicians are enacting laws aimed at publicizing their advocacy, called “disclosure laws.”

By naming and shaming individuals who support different viewpoints, these laws effectively prevent everyday Americans from speaking out to advance causes they believe in. We won’t let these crucial First Amendment rights be trampled on.

Our victories

Companies bidding for Montana’s state contracts were required to disclose political donations made within 60 days of an election – a clear tool of economic retribution against the supporters of political opponents. Our lawsuit led to this being struck down in February 2021.

In New Jersey, advocacy organizations were forced to give the government private information about the people who support their efforts – a law designed to allow opponents of advocacy groups to intimidate and harass the organizations’ supporters. In March 2020, we succeeded in having this provision blocked.

What’s Next?

Liberty Justice Center is currently working with advocates in New Mexico, Illinois, and other states to strike down unfair “disclosure” laws.

Having a voice means more than just talking

Liberty Justice Center is on the front lines of fighting to protect your free speech rights. Our attorneys already are challenging so-called “disclosure” requirements in New Mexico, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Montana. We’ve also got the backs of journalists who face pushback from the government as a result of their work to hold politicians accountable and to increase government transparency.

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Woke K-12 Education Goes to Court – Wall Street Journal

Represented by the nonprofit Liberty Justice Center, the parents and students sued the school board in federal court. They claim that Loudoun County Public Schools’ policies and programs to address “systemic racism” discriminate on the basis of race and viewpoint.


Mother’s access to public forum restored after Liberty Justice Center’s demand to Indiana school

Superintendent Jim Snapp was compelled to restore Kristin Ferklic’s access to his public Twitter account where he shares important school news after Ferklic’s attorneys at the Liberty Justice Center sent a demand letter to the BCSC school board last week.


Virginia Parents Speaking Out Against CRT Face Backlash – Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends interviewed three Loudoun county parents, including Menders v. Loudoun County School Board plaintiff Patti Hidalgo Menders, about the backlash they’ve faced for speaking out against the way Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools.


Parents Sue Loudoun County School Board For Discriminating Against Students Based On Race, Political Views – The Federalist

Parents filed a lawsuit against Virginia’s Loudoun County school board, alleging that the board discriminates against students on the basis of their political beliefs and race.


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