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Livingston v. Becerra

Head Start programs across the United States provide education and other services to approximately 850,000 children living at or below the poverty line. In November 2021, President Biden announced five federal vaccine mandates, including one for Head Start teachers and the one million Head Start...

California to Doctors: Agree With Us or Shut Up – Wall Street Journal

The state empowers a medical board to punish ‘misinformation.’ The following article written by The Editorial Board appeared October 11, 2022 on California Gov. Gavin Newsom made a splash this summer by running ads in Florida that claimed “freedom is under attack in your state.” The...

Connolly v. Lightfoot

Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, residents have faced some of the most stringent and legally questionable COVID restrictions in the country. They have been masked for nearly the entire pandemic and Chicago families have been forced to fight for schools to simply reopen. Now, just...

The Supreme Court and the Federal Vaccine Mandate: What You Should Know

The Issue: Why is the Supreme Court hearing challenges to the federal vaccine mandate? In September, President Biden announced that the federal government would require all Americans who work for private companies with 100 or more employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine mandate or face...

Newsmax: Fighting Vaccine Mandates

Brandon Trosclair and LJC's Daniel Suhr appeared on John Bachman Now to discuss taking the fight against the Biden Administration’s federal vaccine mandate to the Supreme Court. 

The TODAY Show: Court Blocks Vaccine Mandate

On the TODAY Show, Brandon Trosclair, a small business owner from Louisiana, and Buck Dougherty, senior attorney at Liberty Justice Center, discussed their lawsuit challenging the Biden Administration's federal vaccine mandate.

Federal Court Suspends Federal Vaccine Mandate

To schedule an interview, contact Kristen Williamson at [email protected] or 773-809-4403. Brandon Trosclair, Louisiana business owner, filed his lawsuit with attorneys from the Liberty Justice Center and Pelican Institute to stop vaccine mandate – mandate now on hold for all Americans NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 6, 2021) — Louisiana business...

Sean Hannity Show: Defending Religious Freedom

Daniel Suhr, Managing attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, joined The Sean Hannity show to discuss Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare, a new case filed on behalf of six nurses in Illinois whose religious exemptions were denied.

Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare

The Liberty Justice Center is representing six nurses in Panozzo v. Riverside Healthcare who are being forced by their employer to choose between their sincere religious beliefs and their livelihoods.