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Liberty Justice Center discusses #1AWarrior on Glenn Beck

Principal Thorne’s experience illustrates the dangers of cancel culture. Thorne warned his students that anyone’s voice can be cancelled for any reason by a small group of people. And Shelby County Schools silenced him for that.

4 Ways to Cancel “Cancel Culture”

If we don’t stop the tide of censorship, no one will. Conservative voices are under attack. The Left has fully weaponized “woke-ism” and is using it to take down people who hold mainstream opinions and values. What is “cancel culture?” It’s people being censored on...

Liberty Justice Center reacts to Hinsdale District 86 “Equity Statement”

Patrick Hughes, president and co-founder of the Liberty Justice Center, notified a large school district in an affluent Chicago suburb that its newly adopted “Equity Statement” was not only flawed but may lead to violations of students’ and teachers’ Constitutional rights. The statement pledges “coherent,...

Donor disclosure laws codify ‘cancel culture’ – LJC Blog

In many states, making a donation has a hidden price tag – your privacy, job and safety.   Across the nation, public support for candidates and causes has resulted in lost jobs and contracts, ruined reputations and even death threats.  In a culture that’s willing...

Thorne v. Shelby County Board of Education

Memphis-area principal Barton Thorne’s attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit against the district for violating his First Amendment and contractual rights for placing him on administrative leave for discussing current events and free speech with students.