The Liberty Justice Center Celebrates Launch of 100th Court Case to Protect Americans’ Freedom

March 8, 2024

The Liberty Justice Center recently celebrated the launch of its 100th case challenging government overreach and defending Americans’ constitutional rights.

The Liberty Justice Center filed its 100th case, Frisard’s Transportation, LLC v. United States Department of Labor, alongside the Pelican Institute for Public Policy. The lawsuit challenges a Biden Administration rule that threatens the livelihoods of millions of American workers by arbitrarily reclassifying independent contractors as employees.

Independent contractors currently comprise nearly 40% of the country’s workforce, with over 64 million Americans working as freelancers in 2023 and contributing over $1.2 trillion to the economy. The Biden Administration’s proposed rule would force these independent contractors to become formal employees, destroying the business model that allows them to operate with freedom and control over their own work.

The Liberty Justice Center and the Pelican Institute are challenging the rule in federal court to defend independent contractors’ freedom and livelihoods.

Shortly after filing its 100th case, the Liberty Justice Center also filed its 101st and 102nd cases.

In Protect Kids California v. Bonta, the Liberty Justice Center is standing up to protect core political speech—and hold government officials responsible for failing to uphold their responsibilities to their constituents. Protect Kids California v. Bonta was co-filed with the law office of Nicole C. Pearson.

In another case upholding workers’ rights, the Liberty Justice Center is challenging forced union dues. In Cogar v. Ohio Association of Public School Employees, the Liberty Justice Center is representing an Ohio school district employee who quit her union—only to be told four months later that the union had begun taking dues from her paycheck again, without her consent.

“In the twelve years since the Liberty Justice Center was founded, we have had the privilege of representing a wide variety of clients and challenging a wide range of government abuses,” said President Jacob Huebert. “Thanks to my fellow attorneys’ tireless commitment to fighting for Americans’ constitutional rights, the Liberty Justice Center has changed countless lives for the better, empowering people across the country to speak freely, give their children the educational opportunities that are best for them, make their own medical decisions, and otherwise live their lives as they see fit.”


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