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Who Is Brandon Trosclair And Why Is He Fighting the OSHA Vaccine Mandate

November 5, 2021

(Liberty Justice Center)—Brandon Trosclair is a hardworking Louisiana native, husband, and father of two who’s involved in his community. A second generation supermarket owner who employs several hundred people, Trosclair feels grateful not only to be living the American dream but to also be able to provide his employees opportunities to live out their own versions of the American Dream.

How does the OSHA vaccine mandate impact Brandon Trosclair and his employees?

President Biden announced that the federal government is mandating COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans who work for private companies with 100 or more employees. The Biden Administration is using the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to impose the mandate under the guise of workplace safety.

This means that the supermarket employees like Trosclair’s and other essential workers who braved the pandemic and were once hailed as heroes now face losing their jobs if they don’t comply with the government’s demands. And this is despite the fact they are not government employees, but are employed by private businesses.


Why is Trosclair fighting the OSHA vaccine mandate?

The OSHA vaccine mandate is not just wrong, it’s illegal.

“I am faced with an incomprehensible choice imposed upon me by the federal government: force these workers, whose dedication and skills have fueled my business’s success, to take the COVID vaccine – or show them the door.” – Brandon Trosclair

OSHA’s emergency provisions were written to protect workers from the “grave danger” of toxic chemicals and other hazards in the workplace, not dangers found in society at large. The emergency powers in the law do not refer to a contagious virus like COVID, and do not sanction using employees’ jobs as a way of blackmailing them to make the healthcare decisions the government wants.

Trosclair and his dedicated employees know firsthand that the COVID pandemic is a serious global public health concern. They also know that it doesn’t justify government tyranny nor does it empower the executive branch to defy the U.S. Constitution by using federal regulations as a weapon.

Brandon Trosclair and a group of remote workers from Texas are being represented by the Liberty Justice Center and the Pelican Institute for Public Policy in their lawsuit, BTS Holdings, LLC v. OSHA.


Why is it important for all Americans to stand up against government overreach like the federal vaccine mandate?

Whatever your views of the COVID vaccine, every American should be outraged that the President is violating the U.S. Constitution and ordering the private sector to enforce a “get-jabbed-or-get-fired” mandate on their own employees. Americans should be even more outraged that this is not the first time that this President has attempted to bypass the U.S. Constitution that he swore to protect and uphold.

In America, tyranny is never justified for any reason. Every American needs to stand up against overreach and ensure the freedoms granted by the Constitution are upheld.

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