Pair of Lawsuits Filed over Firearm Bans on City Property in Lincoln, Omaha

December 20, 2023

(KLKN)—Legal action is being taken against bans on firearms on city property in Lincoln and Omaha.

A group representing the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association filed lawsuits against the cities on Monday over their bans on guns in places like parks, trails and sidewalks.

The Liberty Justice Center, which is representing the nonprofit and several individuals in the case, said these ordinances violate LB 77.

The law, which was signed by Gov. Jim Pillen earlier this year, gives Nebraskans the right to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

State law now says that cities cannot enact firearms restrictions, and that includes restrictions on carrying a firearm in public places like a park, like a sidewalk, like a hiking trail,” said Jacob Huebert, president of the Liberty Justice Center.

The lawsuit follows a recent opinion by Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers that said Omaha and Lincoln violated the Second Amendment by banning guns on city property.

Sen. Tom Brewer, who introduced LB 77, said in a statement that the Legislature did its part and now it’s time for the court to do its.

“When the Legislature passed my LB 77, we meant what we said,” Brewer said. “Local executive orders and ordinances that prevent people from carrying guns for self-defense are illegal.”

Sen. Jane Raybould, who opposed LB 77 during the legislative session, said the two cities’ decisions were focused on protecting the public and police officers.

Lincoln City Attorney Yohance Christie said the city is trying to protect its people.

“The actions the city has taken to protect the safety and quality of life of our residents and visitors are in compliance with the law,” Christie said.