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Dan Proft v. Kwame Raoul

Free speech protections are reserved for all Americans, not just political organizations.

In July 2018, the Liberty Justice Center filed a lawsuit challenging Illinois’ restrictive campaign finance laws. Illinois campaign finance laws limit how much money individuals and organizations may contribute to political candidates. But once certain fundraising thresholds are met in a given race, the campaign contribution limits are eliminated for all types of donors in that race – except “independent expenditure committees.” This means that individuals, corporations, unions and political parties can give unlimited amounts of money to candidates and coordinate with those candidates’ campaigns. But groups such as our client, Liberty Principles PAC, cannot. Independent expenditure committees are forbidden from giving to candidates or even talking with candidates about their plans. Our lawsuit, Dan Proft, et al. v. Kwame Raoul, et al. (formerly Dan Proft, et al. v. Lisa Madigan, et al.) challenges these free speech restrictions and seeks to level the playing field for all who wish to engage in the democratic process.


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Dan Proft v. Kwame Raoul






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