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    Gov. Quinn vetoes Uber bill

    On Aug. 25 Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed a bill pushed by the taxi lobby that would have restricted ridesharing services such as UberX and Lyft in Chicago. The veto is good news for ridesharing consumers and drivers. Uber will now move forward with its plan to bring 425 new jobs to Illinois. The bill’s champion in the Illinois House, state Rep. [...]

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    To catch up with Uber, Chicago taxi group proposes … higher fares?

    The taxi industry complains endlessly that ridesharing services such as UberX and Lyft are hurting its business. Now an AFL-CIO-affiliated group of Chicago cab drivers is seeking to improve its members’ fortunes by pushing the city to mandate higher taxi fares. But hiking prices doesn’t seem like a good way to save an industry that is [...]

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    Will Pat Quinn let Uber create 425 new jobs in Chicago?

    Popular ridesharing company Uber is ready to add 425 new jobs in its Chicago office – but only if Gov. Pat Quinn vetoes a bill recently passed by the Illinois General Assembly that would impose burdensome restrictions on ridesharing services and their drivers. Some businesses tell the state government that they will only create jobs in Illinois if the [...]