Monthly Archives: May 2014

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    Illinois House defeats soda tax

    Illinois lawmakers have voted down a proposal that would have imposed a $0.01 per-ounce tax on soft drinks sold in the state of Illinois. According to the Illinois Manufacturers Association, the tax would have added $2.88 to the cost of a case of soft drinks. It would also have added to the already-heavy regulatory burden Illinois businesses face […]

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    ‘Cupcake girl’ saved from crushing regulation

    After health department officials shut down the cupcake business of a little girl from Troy, Ill., lawmakers tried to craft a new set of rules for “kitchen businesses.” But one Illinois senator had added so many harmful requirements into the bill that would have crippled the home kitchen industry – fortunately, his version of the bill […]

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    Misguided push to ban Google Glass continues

    Illinois Sen. Ira Silverstein wants to ban Illinois drivers from using Google Glass, even before complaints about drivers using it have become an issue. Silverstein has been pushing a Google Glass ban for some time, even before it became available for the general public to buy, and this week representatives from Google went to the General Assembly to demonstrate […]