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Were you excluded from a board or commission position due to your race or sex?

Illegal discrimination is alive and well in Arkansas, where state law keeps certain positions on government boards and commissions open only to people of a certain race or sex—all others need not apply.

That’s wrong—and it’s unconstitutional.

To hold the state of Arkansas accountable in court, we need to hear from people who are willing to stand up for what’s right and challenge these unconstitutional, biased quotas. If you were legally excluded from one of these board positions due to your race or sex, send us your story.

The seven Arkansas boards that require executive officials to prioritize race or gender over qualifications and merit in order to meet a quota are:

  • Arkansas Ethics Commission
  • Arkansas Financial Education Commission
  • Arkansas Tobacco Control Board
  • Board of Trustees of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
  • Child and Adolescent Service System Program Coordinating Council
  • Commission on Closing the Achievement Gap
  • State Interagency Council
  • State Board of Pharmacy

We want to hear from you if you do not meet the race or gender requirement for one of these boards and, as a result, either decided not to apply or applied to the board and were denied.

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