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3 Things to Know About Virginia Parents’ Lawsuit Against the Loudoun County School Board

LCSB sued for free speech violations
1. Menders v. Loudoun County School Board is about racial equality and freedom of speech in schools

Every student in Loudoun County, Virginia, regardless of their age or race, has the constitutional right to free speech and to be treated without discrimination due to their race, ethnicity or religion. Students should be free to express their views on any topic without fear of being punished by their school.

Unfortunately, Loudoun County Public Schools’ approach to teaching critical race theory resulted in programs that discriminate based on race and create an environment that silences students’ speech. 

Here are just a few examples of how Loudon County’s CRT program violate students’ rights:

  • Participation is restricted by race and ideology – The ability to participate in some of Loudoun County Public Schools’ CRT programs is limited to “students of color” and students claiming particular, school-approved political stances.
  • “Unpopular” speech is policed by peers – Under Loudoun County schools’ “Bias Reporting System,” any students expressing views other than those taught in critical race theory are at risk of being reported by their peers and subsequently punished by school authorities. Fear of being shamed isn’t the only reason students may remain silent. Loudoun parents are concerned that school reprimands can impact students’ records, making it harder for students to get into colleges and other training programs.  


2. Loudoun County students are not the only students whose constitutional rights are at risk. 

While critical race theory is the topic that prompted the lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools, this situation could happen in any public school in the country on almost any topic. Anytime public schools create programs that pressure students to hold certain views or limit participation based on race or ideology, they are violating students’ right to free speech and racial equality. 

Has your school created a program that stifles student speech and discriminates based on race? Contact us, we may be able to help.


3. The goal of Menders v. Loudoun County School Board is to preserve educational discourse and students’ constitutional rights

The motivation behind Menders v. Loudoun County School Board is not to impede or shape the discussion of how to improve race relations in America. This lawsuit was filed to ensure that students’ rights to free speech and racial equality  are upheld while discussions on critical race theory and other important issues take place. Schools should be opening young minds and developing the next generation of leaders, not prescribing what students should say and think.

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