Illinois Stops Collecting "Fair Share" Fees for AFSCME, Other Unions

Illinois State Government Stops Collecting “Fair Share” Fees for AFSCME, Other Government Worker Unions

The state will stop deducting agency fees from workers who have opted out of the union, effective immediately.

As of June 27, the state of Illinois will no longer deduct union agency fees from the paychecks of nonmember public employees. Previously, Illinois workers were forced to pay fees to government unions as a condition of their employment.

This means Illinois state workers such as Mark Janus, who did not want to send money to the union just to keep his job, will no longer see union fees deducted from their paychecks.

In an email sent to all state employees, Tim McDevitt of Illinois’ Department of Central Management Services announced the state will stop deducting agency fees, also known as “fair share” fees, from the paychecks of state employees, effective immediately.

The change in policy comes in light of the June 27 Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision.

Read the full article on Illinois Policy Institute.

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