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Liberty Justice Center reacts to Hinsdale District 86 “Equity Statement”

Patrick Hughes, president and co-founder of the Liberty Justice Center, notified a large school district in an affluent Chicago suburb that its newly adopted “Equity Statement” was not only flawed but may lead to violations of students’ and teachers’ Constitutional rights. The statement pledges “coherent, deliberate, and intentional equity work that prioritizes the equality of opportunity and equality of outcome for every student.”

In the letter to Hinsdale District 86 superintendent Tammy Prentiss, Hughes said, “It is hard to catalogue the variety of ways this theory of equity undermines fundamental guarantees of equal treatment and equal protection under American and Illinois law.”

Hughes said students have “a fundamental right not to be compelled to say or affirm any statement which they do not believe to be true or appropriate” and “District 86 may not adopt professional training programs for its teachers that create a hostile work environment by calling them racists or using other language that is offensive to a reasonable person.”

The Liberty Justice Center is ready to take action if students’ or teachers’ free speech rights are violated. Hughes concluded, “…the District should withdraw its statement and adopt a better, more inclusive and respectful approach to civics education grounded in the values of this nation. Otherwise, Liberty Justice Center stands ready to represent any teacher, taxpayer, or student who is compelled to violate their beliefs or endure racial discrimination.”

Letter from Patrick Hughes to Ms. Prentiss, superintendent of schools, Hinsdale District 86, April 21, 2021

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