Nonprofit Appealing Judge's Ruling that Tennessee's Voucher Law is Unconstitutional - Fox - Liberty Justice Center

Nonprofit Appealing Judge’s Ruling that Tennessee’s Voucher Law is Unconstitutional – Fox

A nonprofit is appealing a judges ruling that Tennessee’s school voucher law is unconstitutional.

Davidson County Chancellor Anne C. Martin struck down state’s private school voucher law, known as the Education Savings Account (ESA) Pilot Program, Monday night, citing it violates Tennessee constitution’s “home rule.”

Now, Attorneys at the nonprofit Liberty Justice Center, based in Chicago, announced they will be appealing the ruling.

“Our students deserve the chance for a quality education this August. We will appeal to every court necessary to get them there,” said Brian Kelsey, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center. “Instead of focusing on what’s best for students in their counties, the mayors of Nashville and Shelby County are wasting taxpayer dollars to stop students from pursuing the best educational opportunities for their needs. The school leaders and families we represent will not stop until children can escape failing schools.”

Attorneys say schools that ESA was rolling out in, Davidson and Shelby, have families that can’t afford to move to better school systems.

Tennessee’s ESA program allows families to use state-funded vouchers so their children can attend private schools instead of public schools in the counties.

The ruling comes after education officials received thousands of applications from parents hoping to use public tax dollars on private schooling tuition.

Lee requested that the vouchers be available this fall.

Read the article on Fox 17.

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