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Lawsuit – Pennsylvania Workers Forced to Pay Union Dues – CBS Local 21

This article first appeared September 6, 2019 on

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A class-action lawsuit filed in Harrisburg federal court is seeking as much as $1 million for Pennsylvania social service employees.

The worker at the center of this lawsuit is a York County woman named Catherine Kioussis.

Kioussis claims a Pennsylvania union forced her, and other non-union members, to pay dues as part of their job.

Now, they’re demanding to get back what they say they unwillingly dished out.

“These fees were taken from them, it was wrong, And we deserve to give it back to them,” attorney Bryan Kelsey said.

Kelsey is an attorney with Liberty Justice Center, which is representing Kioussis in the lawsuit.

While Kioussis, who’s been employed with the Commonwealth since 2008, is not part of the union, Kelsey says she still had to pay the union certain fees as a condition of her employment.

“Ms. Kioussis and others like her have been forced to pay these agency fees to the union for many years. So what we are asking for is these illegally paid fees will be returned to workers just like her,” Kelsey said.

However, the Supreme Court deemed those fees unconstitutional in a 2018 ruling known as “Janus.”

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