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Same-Day Voter Registration at Issue in Illinois Lawsuit – San Diego Union Tribune

Harlan v. Schloz challenges Illinois’ Election Day registration statute that does not make Election Day registration equally available in all counties. The state should not be allowed to give certain citizens more opportunities to register and vote than it gives to others. 

The excerpt below is from an article by Sophia Tareen that appeared September 4, 2016, in the San Diego Union Tribune

CHICAGO (AP) — A federal lawsuit has raised questions about whether Illinois’ new Election Day voter registration rules are constitutional, a situation that could complicate how polling sites are run this November.

Illinois tested same-day registration in the 2014 governor’s race, with all election authorities required to offer it in at least one location. It was popular, with long lines on Election Night, particularly in Chicago. When lawmakers made same-day registration permanent the next year, they expanded it, ordering highly populated areas to make it available at all polls.

That change is at the heart of a federal lawsuit brought by Republicans, who argue it’s an unfair and unequal system because voters in less populated and GOP-leaning areas don’t have equal access. They’re asking a judge to end all precinct-level Election Day registration, which would impact voters in 21 of 102 counties and five cities: Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Bloomington and East St. Louis.

“It seemed obviously unfair to skew election results in this way,” said Jacob Huebert, an attorney with an organization representing a north-central Illinois Republican congressional candidate and party committee. “The purpose is obviously to boost Democratic turnout relative to Republican turnout.”

Read the article in the San Diego Union Tribune.

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