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FOX 11 Investigates ‘freedom of the press’ lawsuit facing Gov. Evers

This article first appeared January 5, 2020 on Fox 11 News.

MADISON (WLUK) — Gov. Tony Evers faces more than just Republicans legislators with a different agenda. A journalist at one conservative think tank in Wisconsin filed a lawsuit against Evers this past year for essentially limiting the group’s access to the governor. It’s a lawsuit calling Freedom of the Press into question.

As governor, Evers holds a lot of press conferences to get the word out about what his administration is doing for Wisconsin. Those with media credentials from around the state, and elsewhere, cover the governor’s events to report the news. But the MacIver Institute of Public Policy, which operates the MacIver News Service in Wisconsin, is crying foul saying it’s being left out.

“The MacIver Institute of Public Policy is a center right think tank and the governor doesn’t want to allow this group access to his administration in the way others are allowed,” said attorney Patrick Hughes, who is president of The Liberty Justice Center out of Chicago representing the MacIver Institute in a federal lawsuit filed against Evers in federal court this past summer.

Read the full investigation on Fox 11 News.

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