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Daniel Suhr

Daniel Suhr

Daniel Suhr serves as the managing attorney of the Liberty Justice Center, where he spends every day on the front lines of the biggest fights to protect our rights and liberties. His clients include parents, taxpayers, voters, employers, citizen groups, and other patriotic Americans who are willing to stand up to defend our Constitution. 

Within LJC’s free speech practice, Daniel litigates for everyday people, think tanks, and citizen groups who are targeted for bullying and harassment because of their beliefs. His cases include campaign finance freedom and donor privacy for non-profits in Montana, Alaska, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico. He represents workers trying to secure the full rights guaranteed by the Janus decision in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. And he represents everyday people who have been victims of cancel culture in places like Tennessee and Massachusetts. He’s also sued Facebook, Twitter, and the White House for censorship online. 

Within LJC’s education reform practice, Daniel has represented parents in Tennessee and Arizona and schools in South Carolina and Mississippi pushing for school choice. He also represented parents in Illinois, Idaho, and Virginia to stop illegal teacher strikes. And he’s represented parents in Nevada and Virginia public schools who object to critical race theory being pushed on their kids.  

Finally, as part of LJC’s broad constitutional government portfolio, Daniel sues to stop illegal government overreach into our lives and economy. He represented BST Holdings in its landmark win placing the first injunction nationwide against the illegal OSHA vaccine mandate, and he represents the National Horsemen’s Association in its groundbreaking victory against a federal regulatory takeover of the horse racing industry. Throughout the pandemic, Daniel sued both the Federal and state governments to stop numerous infringements on our rights and liberties.  

Whether it has been critical race theory, vaccine mandates, social media censorship, or union intimidation, Daniel and Liberty Justice Center have never backed down from the biggest fights against the toughest opponents. 

Daniel holds a B.A. and J.D. from Marquette University, and master’s degrees from Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Missouri-Columbia. Before joining LJC, he worked six years as a senior advisor to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, as a law clerk for Judge Diane Sykes on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and at the national headquarters of The Federalist Society. He is a member of Christ Church Mequon, an Eagle Scout, and a fair-weather runner. He’s married to Anna and loves building legos and watching Star Wars with their young sons, Will and Graham. 

Contact Daniel at [email protected]. 


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