• Beavers Donuts v. City Of Evanston

    Two young entrepreneurs are prohibited from bringing their food truck to Evanston because of an arbitrary, anticompetitive ordinance. So they’re seeking to have the restriction struck down in court. When James Nuccio and Gabriel Wiesen launched their food truck, Beavers Donuts, they were simply following their dreams. And they’ve received a warm reception: Read More

  • Vehicles for Hire: Julie Crowe v. the City of Bloomington

    Should a government bureaucrat have the power to arbitrarily decide who’s allowed to start a business and who isn’t? That’s the issue in Crowe v. City of Bloomington, our case on behalf of a Bloomington, Illinois woman, Julie Crowe, who wanted to start a vehicle-for-hire service catering to young female customers – but was Read More

  • wailand

    Steven Wailand v. City of Macomb

    Update: Today, McDonough County Judge Rodney Clark issued a decision in favor of Steven Wailand, upholding the result of his victory in the City of Macomb’s February Second Ward aldermanic race. This case turned on the City’s arbitrary definition of a single word – “majority” – as used in the City’s Municipal Code. Read More

  • Illinois Liberty PAC v. Madigan et al.

    Everyone who wants to participate in the political process in Illinois should be treated equally. That’s the issue in Illinois Liberty PAC v. Madigan et al. On May 10, The Liberty Justice Center filed an amended complaint in Illinois Liberty PAC et. al. v. Madigan et al., 12 C 5811, which currently is pending in the Federal Read More


The Liberty Justice Center brings lawsuits to advance liberty in several areas, including:

Economic liberty: Where government unreasonably restricts an individual’s right to start a business or enter an occupation, we will fight on behalf of the individual and against politically privileged special interests.

Private property rights: Where government seeks to take private property for an illegitimate purpose or places unreasonable restrictions on an individual’s right to use his or her own property as he or she sees fit, we will stand up for private property rights, which are essential to a free and prosperous society.

Free speech: Where government unreasonably limits an entrepreneur’s ability to tell people about his or her products or services, or where it denies someone a free and equal opportunity to have a voice in the political process, we will stand up for the individual’s right to speak.

Enforcing constitutional limits on government power: Where the legislature oversteps its constitutional boundaries and uses taxpayers’ money to enrich special interests, we will go to court to ensure that our leaders fulfill their oath to uphold the Constitution and serve the public.

We strategically choose cases that we believe will establish strong precedents that will not only benefit our clients in the short run, but also increase liberty for everyone in the long run so that everyone can pursue an honest living and enjoy their constitutional rights.