The Liberty Justice Center brings lawsuits to advance liberty in several areas, including:

Economic liberty: Where government unreasonably restricts an individual’s right to start a business or enter an occupation, we will fight on behalf of the individual and against politically privileged special interests.

Private property rights: Where government seeks to take private property for an illegitimate purpose or places unreasonable restrictions on an individual’s right to use his or her own property as he or she sees fit, we will stand up for private property rights, which are essential to a free and prosperous society.

Free speech: Where government unreasonably limits an entrepreneur’s ability to tell people about his or her products or services, or where it denies someone a free and equal opportunity to have a voice in the political process, we will stand up for the individual’s right to speak.

Enforcing constitutional limits on government power: Where the legislature oversteps its constitutional boundaries and uses taxpayers’ money to enrich special interests, we will go to court to ensure that our leaders fulfill their oath to uphold the Constitution and serve the public.

We strategically choose cases that we believe will establish strong precedents that will not only benefit our clients in the short run, but also increase liberty for everyone in the long run so that everyone can pursue an honest living and enjoy their constitutional rights.