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    1659Chicago Cracks Down on Unregulated Eating

    Chicago regulators have moved to crack down on private dinner parties, following New York City’s lead. According to Thrillist, the city of Chicago issued a citation to Julia Pham, who ran Relish Underground Dining from her apartment in Lincoln Square, forcing her to shut down. Pham, according to the profile, is “a 20-something, self-taught chef […]

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    1653Police body cameras, ban on chokeholds may be coming to Chicago soon

    In an effort to learn from national scandals surrounding the use of force by police, Chicago officials have announced reforms aimed at improving police accountability and transparency. A pilot police-body-camera program is slated to start in Chicago by early 2015. Initially, program participants will be officers who have volunteered to wear the body cameras. But […]

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    1642Illinois General Assembly revives recording ban

    Earlier this year, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a state eavesdropping law that made it a crime for citizens to record conversations with police or anyone else without the other person’s permission. The court held that the old law “criminalize[d] a wide range of innocent conduct” and violated free-speech rights. In particular, the court noted the […]