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Chicago City Council shows deep hypocrisy in passing pedicab ordinance

On Tuesday, Chicago’s City Council’s joint committee on  License and Consumer Protection and Transportation and Public Way passed a deeply flawed proposal to regulate the pedicab industry after hours of largely opposing testimony. On Wednesday, the measure passed the full City Council without any changes, showing that Chicago is neither serious about promoting “green” transportation alternatives or the

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    “Last Night Tonight” explains how police can steal your property

    On Sunday, the HBO comedy news program “Last Night Tonight with John Oliver” took a biting yet humorous look at civil asset forfeiture – a procedure that allows police in Illinois and other states to take your property without ever convicting or even charging you with a crime. ▶ The video gives a great explanation [...]

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    Months after new regulations imposed, pedicabs struggle

    Four months ago, Chicago passed an ordinance regulating the city’s burgeoning pedicab industry. What’s been the effect so far? By many accounts, business has taken a major hit. Before the ordinance, it was estimated that Chicago had as many as 400 pedicabs operating throughout the city. But since the ordinance took effect, the city has received just 80 applications [...]

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    Judge OKs Peoria SWAT raid over parody Twitter account

    If someone made fun of you on Twitter, how would you respond? If you’re Peoria, Illinois, Mayor Jim Ardis, you just pressure the police to raid the prankster’s home; and apparently the courts will back you up. Back in March, Jon Daniel of Peoria created the Twitter account “@peoriamayor” from which he sent out a [...]