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Chicago City Council shows deep hypocrisy in passing pedicab ordinance

On Tuesday, Chicago’s City Council’s joint committee on  License and Consumer Protection and Transportation and Public Way passed a deeply flawed proposal to regulate the pedicab industry after hours of largely opposing testimony. On Wednesday, the measure passed the full City Council without any changes, showing that Chicago is neither serious about promoting “green” transportation alternatives or the

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    Ethanol mandate tries to create demand where there is none

    Should Chicago gas stations be forced to carry fuel with higher ethanol content? Several Chicago aldermen think so. Earlier this week, the Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee considered an ordinance sponsored by Aldermen Ed Burke and Anthony Beale that would mandate all gas stations in the city to carry E15, a fuel consisting of 15 [...]

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    To catch up with Uber, Chicago taxi group proposes … higher fares?

    The taxi industry complains endlessly that ridesharing services such as UberX and Lyft are hurting its business. Now an AFL-CIO-affiliated group of Chicago cab drivers is seeking to improve its members’ fortunes by pushing the city to mandate higher taxi fares. But hiking prices doesn’t seem like a good way to save an industry that is [...]