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Downers Grove sign ordinance harms local business

Should a local government be allowed to ruin a long-existing business if it decides it doesn’t like a sign that’s been on the business’s property for decades? Apparently, officials in the village of Downers Grove think so. That’s what they’re trying to do to local business owner, veteran and former volunteer firefighter Bob Peterson. Peterson’s

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  • 1745WTTW: Fair share union dues

    Jacob Huebert was featured on Chicago Tonight on WTTW to discuss Gov. Rauner’s executive order giving freedom from mandatory union dues and union membership to Illinois workers. During the segment, Jacob discussed how the Governor’s action represents a significant step forward for Illinois’ economy and gives workers in the state the freedom to choose if […]

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    1662City Profits from Crackdown on New Year’s Drink Specials

    After Chicago reportedly cracked down on 81 businesses that offered drink specials on New Year’s Eve in 2013, there are fewer open-bar deals and happy-hour specials being offered this year. According to Illinois’ Happy Hour Law, no business may serve an unlimited number of drinks during a fixed period of time to the public at […]