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Chicago City Council shows deep hypocrisy in passing pedicab ordinance

On Tuesday, Chicago’s City Council’s joint committee on  License and Consumer Protection and Transportation and Public Way passed a deeply flawed proposal to regulate the pedicab industry after hours of largely opposing testimony. On Wednesday, the measure passed the full City Council without any changes, showing that Chicago is neither serious about promoting “green” transportation alternatives or the

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    Will Pat Quinn let Uber create 425 new jobs in Chicago?

    Popular ridesharing company Uber is ready to add 425 new jobs in its Chicago office – but only if Gov. Pat Quinn vetoes a bill recently passed by the Illinois General Assembly that would impose burdensome restrictions on ridesharing services and their drivers. Some businesses tell the state government that they will only create jobs in Illinois if the [...]

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    Chicago State University sued for violating First Amendment rights

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, filed a lawsuit against Chicago State University, or CSU, last week, accusing the university of “[engaging] in an ongoing campaign to silence … criticisms of how the university is run” when it tried to shut down an independently operated faculty blog. Since at least last year, CSU’s administration has [...]

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    Occupational licensing overkill in Illinois

    Nearly two in five workers in the U.S. need government permission just to do their jobs. One of the ways that permission is granted is through occupational licensing programs imposed by state and local governments. This setup raises barriers to entry for many professions. The supposed justification for these rules is that they help protect public health [...]