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    It’s time for taxpayers to stop paying for the Ex-Im Bank

    The average American pays $6,000 in subsidies to corporations every year. But that gigantic chunk of taxpayer change – the federal government spends $100 billion a year on corporate welfare, according to the Cato Institute – simply is not enough for some special interests. In a Crain’s Chicago Business op-ed last week, Marc J. Lane, a tax […]

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    Illinois among states with highest income-tax burden on the poor

    Illinois has the highest income taxes on the poor of almost any state in the country, with only Alabama and Hawaii taxing more, according to a study released by the National Center for Children in Poverty. The research compared how much states took from poor families whose earnings are equal to the federal poverty level, which is […]

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    Illinois Supreme Court dismisses challenge to red-light cameras

    In a strange turn of events, the Illinois Supreme Court on Nov. 20 dismissed a challenge to Chicago’s red-light camera program because two justices didn’t weigh in and the remaining justices were divided and therefore could not, in their words, “secure the constitutionally required concurrence of four judges for a decision.” This means a lower appellate court’s decision that upheld the […]