Monthly Archives: October 2014

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    Chicago taxi reforms don’t make up for lack of business freedom

    On Sep. 30, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office announced the “2014 Taxi Driver Fairness Reforms,” which purport to be major improvements that “[put] thousands of dollars back into [Chicago taxi drivers’] pockets” and “[cut] bureaucratic red tape” these drivers have to navigate. The reforms, some of which will need to be passed in a new […]

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    School Districts Should Stop Using Tax Dollars to Support Ballot Measures

    Should a school district be allowed to use your tax dollars to promote a ballot measure that would raise sales taxes? Of course not. In fact, the Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act requires all units of local government, including school boards, to adopt policies prohibiting their officials and employees from using government resources for political […]

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    “Last Night Tonight” explains how police can steal your property

    On Sunday, the HBO comedy news program “Last Night Tonight with John Oliver” took a biting yet humorous look at civil asset forfeiture – a procedure that allows police in Illinois and other states to take your property without ever convicting or even charging you with a crime. The video gives a great explanation of […]