Monthly Archives: February 2014

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    Is Chicago retreating from threats against Uber and ridesharing services?

    At the beginning of this month, things weren’t looking good for “transportation network providers” such as Uber and Lyft in Chicago. On Feb. 5, Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled a proposed ordinance that would force these services to severely change the way they do business, if not leave the city entirely. That same day, aldermen Ed Burke and […]

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    Does Illinois need soda taxes and soda permits?

    Illinois state Sen. Mattie Hunter’s “Sweetened Beverage Tax” bill – which would impose a tax of one cent per ounce on all “bottled sugar-sweetened beverages” – has already started to receive a lot of attention. According to the bill’s authors, the tax would result in “a 23.5 percent reduction in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption” and “a $150.8 million reduction […]

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    How to stop Chicago from ruining Uber and Lyft

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed an ordinance that would force the popular ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft to drastically change the way they do business, if not shut down operations in the city entirely. The proposal contains numerous unnecessary provisions that would harm Uber and Lyft drivers as well as consumers and serve no apparent […]